The Awakening Tour | Fall 2016

The planets have aligned and the coming of the great cataclysm has led us to this day, here and now. At last, we will be tearing through the veil of your world and stepping into your reality. For millennia, we have searched and fought our way through countless nations and peoples. Now is the time to gather those who are pure of heart in your lands. Let us come together and see what The Keeper of the Magic Sword may reveal in the thrill of bloody battle against the forces of darkness. The Seer has already beheld what will be in these coming days -- and it is pleases us greatly. The Weaver himself has called to all of you and has already started to weave the threads of enlightenment into your very souls.  

Look inside and you will see it is true. The light of justice is beginning to shine and it is time to slay the shadows that have seeped into your lands together.

Now come. Join us. 

9/23 Boise, ID @ Knitting Factory TICKETS
9/28 Idaho Falls, ID @ The Sickhouse INFO
9/29 Billings, MT @ Pub Station TICKETS
9/30 Denver, CO @ Hi-Dive TICKETS
10/1 Kansas City, MO @ Outer Reaches Fest INFO
10/3 Lincoln, NE @ Vega TICKETS
10/4 Madison, WI @ The Frequency TICKETS
10/5 Chicago, IL @ Subterranean TICKETS
10/6 Davenport, IA @ Daytrotter TICKETS
10/8 Brooklyn, NY @ Knitting Factory  TICKETS
10/11 Nashville, TN @ Basement East  TICKETS
10/13 Fayetteville, AR @ Smoke & Barrel TICKETS
10/15 Austin, TX @ Empire  TICKETS
10/19 Phoenix, AZ @ Valley Bar TICKETS
10/20 San Diego, CA @ Soda Bar  TICKETS 
10/22 Los Angeles, CA @ Complex ⚇⥌ TICKETS 
10/23 San Francisco, CA @ Make-Out Room  TICKETS 
10/26 Seattle, WA @ Chop Suey  TICKETS
10/27 Portland, OR @ Daze of the Dead Fest  TICKETS
10/28 Tacoma, WA @ University of Puget Sound  
10/29 Hood River, OR @ River City Saloon INFO 

⨺ with TEEEL and KRYCHEK
∵ with Makeup and Vanity Set
⚇ with Dance With The Dead
⥌ with Street Fever
⩒ with GO DARK
⟐ with Youryoungbody and Cuff Lynx
⋈ co-headline with The Orb

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